Cross Country Trains

One of the cheapest, quickest and most convenient ways to travel is by cross country trains. Whether you’re travelling inside the UK, across Europe, or to destinations even further a field, taking the train is a sure fire way to get there on time and in total comfort. And the great thing is that if you book online you can even get some great discounts on train tickets!

Rail networks in the UK are improving on a yearly basis, and journey times are being slashed as a consequence. This means that anyone from daily commuters to tourists and day trippers can get almost anywhere in very little time at all, and updated modern trains have everything from Wifi to toilets and even restaurant carriages. There’s really no contest when compared to driving, as avoiding congestion is a given.

InterRailing around Europe has always been popular, but with cross country trains it’s even more so nowadays. You can visit all of the major capital cities and experience everything Europe has to offer on just 1 ticket. What’s more it won’t cost you a fortune, especially if you book online. Considering European rail networks are considerably better than those in the UK it’s a fast track to an unforgettable holiday.

Some of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe are around the Mediterranean. Spain, France and Italy are all Meccas for holidaymakers and getting there on cross country trains is incredibly easy indeed. It’s an adventure in itself as overnight trains have sleeping facilities that will make you feel right at home for the duration of your trip. Tickets are so much cheaper than flying it’s almost comedic, and you don’t have to deal with the stress of long queues, packed departure lounges and security checks. is all about travelling for less, and refers you to some excellent money saving websites. For rail travel, booking a ticket online is simply a case of entering your details, clicking go and getting a reference number. Some companies will even send you tickets through the post if you book early enough. With price comparison sites galore, you’re able to see any number of train times and fares and select the cheapest or most relevant ones for you.

The fact is that cross country trains are a great way to travel as you avoid all the congestion and get to your destination on time, in total comfort and for much less of the cost. From the UK to Europe, hitting the rails is certainly the best way to travel if you’re looking to save some money!